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Diving into Classical Music

Diving into classical music

-written by Stan Shelnutt

Have you ever listened to a symphony? What about a classical pianist? How about classical guitar? Solo violin works? Cello works?

Navigating classical music can be a challenging and difficult task. The amount of music that has been recorded can be overwhelming to sift through. Thankfully with music and video streaming services that are available you can easily find almost any work you would be interested in hearing.

Unsure of where to start? Here are some quick recommendations

Tchaikovsky symphony Number 5 -

If you’ve never watched an orchestra play - watch this for a little bit and see the intensity of the musicians.

Bach - Prelude from lute Suite Number 4

This is for you guitar players - 4 minutes of straight sixteenth notes. Classical shredding at its finest

Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata third movement

You’ve likely heard the slow drudging melody of the first movement, but did you know there are two more movements to the piece? Check out the third movement

For you percussionists, here’s a solo xylophone piece

And here’s a brass ensemble playing a star wars medley

There’s a few places to start! Keep diving into new music and see what you find!

And if you have any recommendations - post a link in the comments!

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