One of the Originals

Developing from the humble lute, the acoustic guitar has been a staple in musical ensembles for centuries. Whether it be a nylon string classical style guitar or a steel string more modern guitar, this instrument is beautiful inside and out. A great choice for the beginner, the acoustic is simple to pick up and fun to play. Whether you want to play rhythm guitar in a band or just strum around the campfire, we know you'll enjoy learning acoustic.



An Instrument That Truly Rocks

Like its acoustic guitar cousin, the electric guitar is fairly easy to get started on, but unlike the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar is far more versatile and can truly take you to places you might have never imagined going. Whether you want to learn the basics of blues guitar, the intricacies of jazz guitar, or a face melting rock guitar riff; this is a fun instrument to learn. Add in the magic of different guitar amps, guitar pedals, and the endless amounts of genres of music the electric guitar can play and you will never be bored in these lessons.


You Know It's All About the Bass

DMA President's (Andrew Grandpre) favorite instrument to play and teach. The bass can appear to be such a simple instrument to learn and frankly it is easy to pick up. But dig a little deeper and you will discover an instrument that is almost as expansive as the electric guitar. Sure, often times you find yourself holding down the low end and playing some great rhythms with the drummer, but when you get to fill or solo, man you shine. Explore all of the genres that take full advantage of the bass guitar and find out why bass players have the most fun in these engaging lessons.



Bade-Bing, Bada-Boom

We know we know. Everyone wants to be a drummer. And why not? Being a drummer truly rocks. Lay down the beat, fill up the space, play kick-butt solos, and learn complex beats that will always please. Drums are the universal instrument that almost every band needs and good drummers are hard to come by. We want to teach you what it really means to be a great drummer. How to play the right beat at the right time and how to help keep the whole band together with excellent timing. This is a nuanced instrument that is always full of surprises.


So Many Keys, So Much Potential

Piano is one of the most classical instruments around, but at the same time it has managed to work its way into almost every genre of music. We don't just teach traditional piano skills and music, but we also embrace all of the ways that keyboards are being used in modern music. From digital pianos to digital workstations, synths, organs, and computer rigs that combine all of that together in one place, we teach it all. Come learn piano and keys and find out just how much potential there is.



Let Your Voice Be Heard

Your voice is the instrument that you carry with you all day long, we want to help you learn how to utilize it. We can start with the basics and help you learn how to control your voice or take you to the next level and help you gain confidence. Performing as a singer is one of the hardest things you'll ever do, because you can feel so exposed. Taking lessons is the best way for you to develop your gift and gain the confidence you need to perform in front of others. Or just become one killer shower singer, whatever floats your boat!


Go Above and Beyond

Our local school music programs do a great job of teaching Brass and Woodwind instruments and WE LOVE THEM, but not everyone has access to these lessons or perhaps you are looking to augment your school studies. Many beginners want a head start or a little extra help, we can do that. Some students are looking at auditioning for one of the many cool opportunities in SD such as All State Orchestra, All State Band, or All State Jazz Band, we can help. Or perhaps you've wondered what other kinds of music your instrument can be used to play, we can show you. Our teachers have years of experience playing their instruments in symphonic bands, orchestras, rock bands, jazz bands, show bands, and so much more and they are ready to show you just how above and beyond you can go.

Sheet Music

What Are You Waiting For? Begin your musical journey today.

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